waterproof kayak backpack

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Dongguan Yifulong Outdoor Gear Co., Ltd ,the factory is located at No. 9-5, Songbai road, Wolong village, Zhutang, Fenggang town ,Dongguan City, Guangdong province, China. Our workshop area is 7000 Square meters which include 2 large high-frequency welding machines and 8 high-frequency welding machines lines and 61 standard welding machines. We also have independent stitching production line which include18 automatic computer stitching machines and 50 standard stitching machines. we also have glue tape machines,heat welding machines,webbing machines and laser cutting machine. Now , we have over 280 skilled workers and experienced managers and development team.

Kayak waterproof bag 28 liters,waterproof kayak backpack material 500D PVC, thickness 0.5MM, the whole bag is semi-circular design, there is a sunroof for storing mobile phones on the front side, you can use the mobile phone to keep dry, add a multi-function lock, lock the paddle board, right there is a deflated and inflatable device on the side, which can fill the bag with gas to the maximum extent, temporary life-saving protection, and carry one-piece EVA on the back to reduce the weight and heat during hiking. The 28-liter capacity can meet a day's play.

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