The Brief Introduction to AM anti theft soft Label

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This Synmel AM anti-theft labels is the invention of a high-quality anti-theft product, and the price is very advantageous. The Synmel AM anti-theft labels are made of PS shell+3 resonators, which have been designed to meet the most effective anti-theft requirements while being easy to use. It looks like a barcode, which can be added in the process of product making or packaging and become a part of the product so that the anti-theft function can be perfectly integrated into the product.

Ningbo Synmel Smartech Co., Ltd. is an EAS and smart retailing product manufacturer, integrator, and solution provider. The company is committed to continually developing efficient yet convenient retail equipment and solutions. We ensure you the best price-value combination when you bundle shopping with us, thanks to our great relationship with our partners and our 'one-stop EAS shopping' core concept. Our products include AM & RF soft labels, hard tags, detachers, deactivators,safers, detection systems (pedestals), and developing items and solutions. EAS labels and tags can be applied to almost every type of consumer good. Soft labels are most commonly used in electronics, cosmetics, foods, various types of packaging boxes, liquid products, and so on. The hard tags are mainly used for milk powder, alcohol, shoes, clothes, and so on.

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