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Key Points about Water Glycol Oil Filter Elements


A water glycol oil filter element is a specific type of filter used in hydraulic systems that use water glycol fluids as the operating medium. Here are key points about water glycol oil filter elements:

Function and Purpose

1. Filtration: These filter elements are designed to remove contaminants from water glycol fluids used in hydraulic systems.

2. Fluid Compatibility: They are compatible with water glycol fluids, which are commonly used in applications where fire resistance and environmental safety are important, such as in steel mills, foundries, and mining operations.

Construction and Materials

1. Filter Media: Typically made from materials like cellulose, synthetic fibers, or metal mesh.

2. End Caps and Cores: Made from materials such as steel, aluminum, or molded plastics, providing structural support and sealing within the filter housing.

Features and Specifications

1. Micron Rating: Indicates the size of particles the filter element can effectively capture.

2. Flow Rate: Determines the maximum rate of fluid flow through the filter element without compromising filtration efficiency.


1. Hydraulic Systems: Used in hydraulic equipment and machinery that operate with water glycol fluids.

2. Fire-Resistant Fluid Systems: Essential for applications where there is a risk of fire and where hydraulic fluids with high fire resistance properties are required.

Maintenance and Replacement

1. Regular Inspection: Monitor the condition of the filter element to ensure proper filtration efficiency.

2. Replacement: Follow manufacturer recommendations for replacing filter elements based on operating conditions and fluid contamination levels.


1. System Compatibility: Ensure the filter element is compatible with the specific hydraulic system and type of water glycol fluid being used.

2. Performance Requirements: Select filter elements with appropriate micron ratings and flow capacities to meet the system's filtration needs.

Water glycol oil filter elements play a crucial role in maintaining the cleanliness and operational efficiency of hydraulic systems that use water glycol fluids. They help protect hydraulic components from wear and damage caused by contaminants, ensuring reliable performance and longevity of the equipment.

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