Common sense when shopping for Hair wigs

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The fiber material used by high quality Hair Wig should take into account the section surface, strength gloss, thickness, toughness and elasticity of human hair, and also prevent static electricity. Only this kind of Hair Wig is realistic and fashionable to wear.So, when choosing and using Hair Wig, what details should we pay attention to?

First, when buying Hair Wig, you should choose the color similar to your own hair, so that even if the original hair is accidentally exposed, it will not attract attention due to color difference.

Two, to choose a suitable elastic Hair Wig to wear, otherwise it will cause scalp discomfort.

Three, in addition to choosing your favorite color and style, you should also carefully check the size and quality of the hair sleeve. Only when all parties are satisfied.

Four, also need to pay attention to the temples and forehead, the Hair Wig should be relatively thin, so as to make it appropriate to the skin.

Five, be sure to keep the Hair Wig set clean. Dust and other pollutants in the air are easy to affect the color and smoothness of Hair Wig, so it should be cleaned often, especially in the summer when sweat dust is a lot.

Six, before wearing a Hair Wig set, you should comb your hair smoothly, then firmly fix your hair, and finally clamp it tightly.

How to choose a Hair Wig?

The following points should be noted

1 the size should be appropriate, whether the Hair Wig's sideburns are located just with his sideburns.

2 There are generally two kinds of Hair Wig materials: one is real hair and the other is artificial hair. It is best to choose the head cover made of real hair.

3 The bottom embryo of Hair Wig cover should be a thin fabric with good breathable performance and not very smooth. Very smooth base, not easy to wear on the head.

If it is customized or mail-order, be sure to attach the head size. The head size includes the following main parts

1 the size of the circle from the forehead to the occipital bone, the occipital bone protrudes in the back of the brain, when measuring, to locate the concave place under the occipital bone

2 The length of positioning from the forehead to the underside of the occipital bone

3 The length of the top root of the two ears around the top of the head

4 forehead two temples distance

5 The distance between the ears and the roots of the hair

When wearing a Hair Wig, you should wear it in front of the mirror. Hold the temples of the hair wig in your hands and put it on your head. When you observe it in the mirror, you should press the top with your hands until the hair wig moves back to the right position.

Choose a Hair Wig that coordinates with your skin tone

The wearing of Hair Wig should be coordinated with the skin color. If you have hair, you should try to choose the color that is the same or close to your own hair color. If you have little hair or no hair, you should choose according to the skin color. White skin should choose brown yellow, light brown Hair Wig; Black skin should choose black, brown black Hair Wig; Yellow skin color should choose chestnut, dark brown Hair Wig; To participate in the costume party and other activities, the makeup color and lighting should be selected to coordinate with the Hair Wig, such as wine red, yellow, orange red, purple red, etc.

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