What are the advantages of Teak Wood Flooring?

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Along with the improvement of living standard, people need a more comfortable and healthy home environment, and they have become more and more conscious of Wood Flooring material selection, such as Teak Wood Flooring, which is known as the "king of all wood". Has been the world's luxury palace and luxury villas, luxury cruise ships, luxury yachts, luxury car interior materials. Teak - is recognized as a famous precious wood in the world, and is also a good flooring wood. It can endure seawater erosion and sunlight exposure without bending and cracking. But what are the pros and cons of Teak Wood Flooring? How can you tell a real Teak Wood Flooring?

Teak is a broad-leaved tree that grows in the rainforests of Southeast Asia. Thailand has been cutting Teak Wood delicately for many years, so the real Teak Wood Flooring in the market will be mostly Myanmar imports. Teak is not only a decorative material, but also a kind of value preserving and increasing commodity, is the symbol of luxury and wealth. 

Teak Wood Flooring is also produced in Africa and America, but due to dry and cracked material due to climate, the Teak Wood Flooring made from these materials will not be considered as the true Teak wood flooring, while some of the named products such as golden pomelo, golden teak, teak king are not existing, please be careful not to be duped when buying.

The advantages of Teak Wood Flooring

1. Teak is very precious, from growth to wood after at least 100 years, in the natural environment, the best producing area is only 1 to 5 trees per mu.

2. Teak Wood Flooring is flooring which is rich in oil and iron, which will provide moisture-proof, mosquito-proof, especially corrosion-proof, even for a thousand years. Large, old buildings such as the HSBC Bank and the Customs House are teak decorated after centuries and look as good as new.

3. Excellent stability, micro pinhole stable structure, after professional drying treatment, make teak Wood Flooring both strength and toughness, which is one of the smallest deformation of dry contraction and wet expansion of all wood, which is not comparable to many wood.

4. The color is golden brown to bronze, beautiful ink line, spot oil shadow, the texture of the atmosphere and elegance, the whole laying constitutes a variety of natural scenery, containing deep natural temperament, especially classical elegance.

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