Water Chiller pump failure causes and maintenance methods

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The service life of Water Chiller can be extended effectively by understanding the cause of Water Chiller pump failure and maintaining it in a reasonable and scientific way.

1. The reason why the Water Chiller pump cannot discharge water

The mechanical failure of the pump itself, due to the loosening of the fastening nut of the impeller and the pump shaft or the bending of the pump shaft deformation, resulting in the excessive movement of the impeller, friction with the pump body, or bearing damage and other reasons, will lead to the reduction of the speed of the pump.

Motor failure, due to winding burn, magnetic loss, winding turns, wire diameter, connection method changes during maintenance, or maintenance can not completely eliminate the fault, will cause the speed change of the pump.

The bottom valve cannot be opened, the impeller is seriously worn, the bottom valve filter network is blocked, or the bottom valve may exist in the silt layer in the water, leading to the filter blocking, the failure or blockage of the gate valve will lead to the flow reduction, or even can not be discharged, and the leakage of the discharge pipeline will also have a certain impact on the water extraction.

2. Water pump failure and cause analysis

Water Chiller pump failure: abnormal sound of pump, pump overload, large vibration, water absorption is not smooth, can not start, insufficient flow, pump heat, pump burned down, etc. Pump abnormal cause: air into the pump, the efficiency of the pump will be reduced, produce abnormal sound. Looseness of pipe screws, aging of parts and pores, and failure of sealing valve are the main reasons for poor circulation of cooling water. Replace or repair the pump.

3. The solution of the pump failure

First check the power supply to confirm whether the three-phase current is balanced; If the pump is blocked, clean the pump or replace the whole unit; It can be solved by adjusting, repairing, reinforcing, straightening, replacing and so on. Check the operation of cooling water circulating pump; Check whether the heat exchanger cooling fan works normally. Clean filters or replace filters of the same type; Add the cooling medium to the system.

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