Classification of Peeler

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The straight Peeler has a blade parallel to the handle, similar to a knife. The blade may be fixed or pivot.

The blade that rotates the Peeler is mounted on a pivot; The Angle of the blade adjusts automatically when pressure is applied, increasing ease of use.

The AY Peeler or Fast Peeler has a blade perpendicular to the handle, a design very similar to a safety razor. It acts like a razor, shaving the skin in strips parallel to the handle. Most high-speed peelers have an "eye planer" next to the blade, which is a ring of metal used to scoop eyes and spots out of potatoes.

Most "Y" and in-line rotary Peelers have blades that are straight. A few have curved blades that better fit the contours of potatoes or other items to be peeled. It requires a wider bite and less run-in time to finish peeling.

The mechanical Apple Peeler is a crank-operated device that peels and peels and slices them in one motion. When the slicer is enabled, it cuts an ordinary apple into a spiral shape. It is designed for use on apples, but can also be peeled from many other fruits and vegetables, for example pears, beetroot, potatoes, cucumbers and thick carrots.

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